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Your girlfriend Reggie just loves the new necklace you gave her for her birthday, one that you purchased from a quite odd thrift store. Depending on how the night goes things for you and your girlfriend start to get a ‘little’ strange in some BIG ways! The choice is yours in this sexy and sensual adventure that's packed with over 20 exciting endings!

In one path, Reggie’s already awesome breasts might grow in size to beyond busty! Pretty soon she might not be able to leave your apartment building! In another path, Reggie could be stricken with an insatiable hunger, eating and eating all day long! Can you get the necklace off of her before the magic pendant sends her weight gain into the extremes? Will you want to?

You get to decide what happens in this piece of interactive erotic software the wave of the future!  Featuring over 20 hand drawn pictures by the awesome artist Saxxon https://www.deviantart.com/saxxon and  at over 80,000 words by Adipose Rex https://www.deviantart.com/adipose-rex  this text-based adventure isn’t only read by you, you can have it read to you! Every single chapter and choice features narration, sound effects as well as stars characters fully voice acted by the star of the audio experience, the lovely voice actress Mama Strassa, https://twitter.com/MamaStrassa So prepare for erotic as well as the echoic! Of course, you’re free to pause, replay, or just mute the audio all together if you want! You have the power!

The Pendant of Prosperity is the first in the new U.C.H.E.W.S line of interactive fiction from Earthbound Books! The stories where Users Choices Have Enormously Weighty Significance!

Word Count: Over 80,000 words

Illustrations: 20 (Including Cover) Drawn by Saxxon

Audio book Length In Total:  Over 6 Hours


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this Interactive Book you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

The Pendant of Prosperity Color and Sound..zip 462 MB
The Pendant of Prosperity Color and Sound.rar 463 MB
Pendant Of Prospeirty With Color (No Sound) .html 55 MB
Pendant of Prosperity Pictures.rar 6 MB
Pendant of Prosperity FULL AUDIOBOOK (BETA).rar 429 MB
(Old) The Pendant of Prosperity v4 with audio.rar 441 MB
(OLD) The Pendant of Prosperity v4 with audio.zip 442 MB
(Audiobook Beta Smaller Download size)Pt.1 Pendant of Prosperity(Chapters1-30).r 190 MB
(Audiobook Beta Smaller Download size)Pt.2 Pendant of Prosperity (Chapters31-61) 238 MB
(Old) Pendant of Prosperity v4 (No Audio).html 28 MB
(Old) The Pendant of Prosperity v3.html 9 MB
(OLD) The Pendant of Prosperity v3 with audio.rar 430 MB
(old) The Pendant of Prosperity v3 with audio.zip 430 MB
(OLD) (Polski) De Hanger Van Voorspoed.html 777 kB
(OLD) (Español) El colgante de la prosperidad .html 765 kB
(OLD) (Deutsch) Halskette des Wohlstands.html 814 kB
(OLD) (Français) Le Pendentif de la Prospérité .html 809 kB
(Italiano) Medaglione Della Prosperità.html 767 kB
(OLD) (Português do Brasil ) Pingente da Prosperidade.html 780 kB
(OLD) (русский язык) Кулон процветания.html 1 MB
(OLD)(Nederlands) Halsketting Van Welvaart.html 764 kB
(Old) (日本語) 女神の祝福ネックレス.html 862 kB
(Older) The Pendant of Prosperity English V2.html 733 kB
(OLD) (中文) 繁荣吊坠 .html 711 kB
The Pendant Of Prosperity (Older 1st version).html 1 MB
Color Pictures.zip 22 MB
Color Pictures.rar 22 MB

Download demo

The Pendant of Prosperity DEMO.zip 40 MB
The Pendant of Prosperity DEMO.rar 41 MB
(No Audio) The Pendant of Prosperity v3 demo.html 4 MB

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I wish there was a player gender option at the start ngl.

For some reason I'm getting the steam key saying it's a duplicate.

Please reach out to us at Earthboundbooks7@gmail.com and we will send you a replacement. 

Deleted 1 year ago

Okay, just sent you an email, hope we can get your problem solved right away.

So when I went to use he steam key an error message popped up saying that it was already in use. Any advice?

Deleted 1 year ago

So, this might be a specific issue…if you could send us an email at earthboundbooks7@gmail.com we will send you another Steam key privately as soon as we can. Again, sorry for the issue.


i got a question, will some of the games like this one be on steam if not why?


We really like the environment here on Itch.io and how easy it is to upload or update everything on this site. We can communicate with fans and keep up to date with them almost instantly. After we finish tweaking the game with all the updates here, (that means including all the languages, the option to play the narration in the background of each chapter, and colored art.) We do plan to also make these games available on Steam, but we plan to make that one the “final” version for the rest of the world to see.

understandable, i can wait for it to be on steam in the future, take all the time you need.

Interesting, so, i can turn she into a doll or a figurine or turn she into a inanimate object like a card or something?

(1 edit)

This story features more expansion based  transformations, (weight gain, muscle growth, breast expansion etc.)


So still waiting for that Saxxon art, can we get an update on that?


Let me apologize to you and to everyone who purchased a copy a head of time. I'm sorry for the delay and lack of any updates. 2020 being the insane year that it was, we had to re-organize our timeline on when we could expect Saxxon's art. Having spoken to him recently, I can report that his art should be done by the end of this month at the very latest. ( Just in time for Pendant of Prosperity's one year anniversary. )  Also, because of how successful this story has sold, we've been working in the lab on something  to give as an extra bonus to anyone and everyone past or present who has a copy. That also had a bit of delay with production as well, but should also be available to download, if not by the end of this month, then just shortly after.


So anything on that art for the story or at least what you plan to give as an extra to the community that bought it?

Nothing yet. I did make a develog update on this topic a few days ago on where things are at right now. https://ebbooks.itch.io/chews1/devlog/240056/art-delays-apology-and-our-one-year-anniversary




I really enjoyed reading this! Looking forward to the art


Like this one, looking forward to the art and hope that there will be a similar one coming in the future

ps: don't judge me