Art UPDATE!!!!

Hello to lovers wherever you are! We here at Earthbound books are
so...SO...happy to finally release these pictures that you all have
been long waiting for. For a period of time that included 2020 and
2021 and all the insanity that came with them we now have a bookend
with the missing art finally being delivered. And with such a loving
couple taking center in the story what better day to release them than
on Valentine's day! We'll be coloring and then incorporating them into
what will be our 'final version' of this book over the next few weeks
or so, but for now, whether you had any romantic plans this evening or
not (maybe even giving a loved one a unique necklace tonight) we hope
you get to enjoy these awesome images from Saxxon!


Pendant of Prosperity Pictures.rar 6.9 MB
Feb 14, 2022

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