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New from Adipose Rex comes the latest story set in the hefty town of Hesper!

                  [[Off To Work I GROW and Growth For Both!]]

Conrad a bright if unambitious young man, has reported to his job at Polyburger, a fast-food chain known for its high-calorie fare and rotund clientele. Unfortunately, his boss informed him that he didn’t meet the ‘Polyburger ideal,’ worker look, so after a few weeks of gorging himself, he’s blimped up to 400lbs!

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be enough of the big guy to go around… as his new physique has caught the attention of two women, each with very voluptuous figures of their own.

Arianna an olive-skinned heiress with a family history of marrying only the BIGGEST and BEST men, and Sasha the flirty fast-food worker whose home life keeps her filled with food. While Conrad and Arianna initially start dating, Sasha’s burning jealously has led her to put on some pound in hopes to attract Conrad’s eye. There’s never been a love triangle this round before!

The three of them have agreed to an arrangement where after each weigh-in the largest of the ladies get to date Conrad for a while, and at the end of the competition the biggest babe will become Conrad’s girlfriend.  Whose ability to devour cuisine will reign supreme? Find out in this true Double Digest of fun Hesper: Girl Trouble!

 Featuring seven pictures drawn by the wonderful joekie3wl

Find more of his work by clicking here!


IMPORTANT NOTE: While this book in total is over 50,000 words a part of it includes a bit of set-up in the world of Hesper. Specifically one 'branch' from   Off To Work I Grow


Text Length: 51,400 words

Artwork: 7 Pictures 


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