It’s a Friday night on campus, and it feels like you’re the only student with nothing to do! Even worse your goth roommate (and secret crush) Madeline says she won’t even let you into your own shared dorm room!

Will you be able to convince your cranky co-ed to go out tonight? Find out in this new game for Super Woot-boy! Featuring blast processing, over ten shades of green, and art by w-oo-t  (https://www.deviantart.com/w-oo-t) This short and spooky adventure features an attitude that’s anything but pocket sized!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(104 total ratings)
AuthorEarthbound Books
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
Made withTwine
Tagsbbw, breast-expansion, Game Boy, Gothic, hourglass-expansion, Pixel Art, Text based, weight-gain, w-oo-t
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityOne button


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Big Tiddy Goth GF Simulator Installable.exe 359 MB
Big Tiddy Goth GF Simulator Non Install.zip 213 MB
Big Tiddy Goth GF Simulator mobile/ "lightweight" version.html 109 MB
BTGGFSAndroidVersion.apk 36 MB
Music To Mope To.rar 77 MB

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Comtemporary masterpiece

Aww man if this could somehow run on like a gameboy advance I’d love to sneak it onto my friends Anbernic… XD

where am i supposed to find the code to Madeline's locker

Madeline tells you the numbers for it, but you can go back to the dorm room and ask Madeline for it again.

what is it?

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It's 23-15-15-20.


Simply a poetry. I wish there was more. And especially more BBW Giantess (or Shrinking) stuff. Also please add Giantess tag so that people will find it. 


I cant play in Android :⁠-⁠[, it always shows up like this and also the game looks zoomed in too much.


I’m sorry to see that. This might be on a case by case basis. The only thing I can suggest at this time is try running the html version and then request the desktop site version of display under your phone browser settings.


so are the dragon/movie star endings the only ones?


There’s also one “bad” ending, but as for the main story, yes, there’s only two.


the game was great but if i was to make a wish it would be higher pixel count on the animation


It was updated last month? Is there an update log?


Hey sorry. The game's PAGE itself was updated last month to reflect the newer donation totals. I try to keep all older versions of my games available no matter how small the difference.  As sad as it is to say, I haven't touched any of this game's code since I posted it here and on Steam not even to  correct typos. 


Oh don't sweat it dude. I'm just glad to get an answer. I would have lost my mind trying to find what was different in the game if you didn't reply.


I heard a rumor they updated it so that a locker combo unlocks Frog Fractions 4; Big Lilly-Pad Frog Girlfriend

Amazing art, was cool to see Raven's feelings get noticed also i loved the Smiths references lmao

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I loved it even with the minor grammar errors. You forgot the u in mournmorn is short for morning as in the greeting not the one for grieving.


This game was addicting no lie!


I wish it was longer and had more to do in it but I enjoyed it

my dream has become true


I've Now Started Speedrunning The Novel And It's Still Fun To Go Through


When i tried downloading the android ver. It says "server problem".


Some players are having an issue with the html version. please email me at earthboundbooks7@gmail.com And I can send you an alternative link. 

Não consigo baixar a versão htm, o quê eu faço? 

posso enviar um link de download diferente. por favor me escreva em earthboundbooks7@gmail.com
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Amazing game, i liked it very much but is A little bit short

I cannot download the html version, is there any apk version to install?

Not at the moment,  but if you can send me an email to earthboundbooks7@gmail.com I will send you an alternative link to try.

Short, but really fun! Thank you for the game!


yay for us big tiddy goth waifus getting a game