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Please share this book far and wide.  We've redone the colors in a whole new way!

This is the story of a young college student from beyond the stars, Meitnerium Perioda, who comes crash landing to Earth. Don't worry, she's generally pretty angloid. It's okay if you think she's hot.

(It's hard not to when this book features over twenty drawings by Saxxon! Both his original sketches and colored versions of each picture.) (http://saxxon.deviantart.com/)
Well, after being rescued by an Earth boy named Tom and his family, this alien girl indulging in Earth's customs. Emphasis on indulge. Once on Earth what's a spoiled Alien girl to do?

Now, find out what happens when Earth gets it's first Foodie from Far Out. Witness extreme eating by the extraterrestrial lovely life-form. Read on as our sweet little heroine finds herself crash-landing into obesity, in the first book based on the hit Writing.com interactive!

Install instructions

Download the PDF files and open them on the reader of your choice. One book features the color illustrations alongside the story, the other features the original Saxxon drawn Black and White images alongside the texts.

The pictures rar file features all the pictures in .png format.


NEWStrandedV1Color.pdf 3 MB
NEWStrandedV1BlackandWhite.pdf 1 MB
Pictures.rar 21 MB
PreviousversionColor_Story.pdf 5 MB
PreviousversionBlack&White_Story.pdf 5 MB


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Although WG isn't really my thing, I enjoyed the detail and quality of the artwork and found the writing enjoyable and easy to follow. I admit that I was only skimming after download to see the difference between previous and new, but all in all, great work!