In a land filled with magic, three witch sisters are about to reawaken the powerful Calahree.  Play out their story as they spread the influence of gluttony throughout the bustling town of Aemple. As their powers GROW just how BIG will anyone get!? Surprises await, as well as rises in weight,  in this wonderful new world from the mind of Bobo the Hobo!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
AuthorEarthbound Books
GenreAdventure, Visual Novel
Made withRPG Maker
Tagsbbw, expansion, fat, Magic, RPG Maker, weight-gain, witch
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityOne button


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this Game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

CoC v1.1.4.1 (WIN).part1.rar 500 MB
CoC v1.1.4.1 (WIN).part2.rar 500 MB
CoC v1.1.4.1 (WIN).part3.rar 17 MB
CoC v1.1.3 (MAC)(ZIP) (1of3) 500 MB
CoC v1.1.3 (MAC)(ZIP)(2of3) 500 MB
CoC v1.1.3 (MAC)(ZIP)(3of3) 163 MB
CoC v1.1.3 (MAC).part1.rar 500 MB
CoC v1.1.3 (MAC).part2.rar 500 MB
CoC v1.1.3 (MAC).part3.rar 119 MB

Download demo

CoC Demo! Saves do not carry over! (WIN) 1,005 MB

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Sorry but it doesn't load when I tried to buy it It just stays frozen

Hello, just seeing this message now. Were you able to figure the problem out? If not let me know if you still need help with purchasing the game.

If I have bought the steam version could I have access to the browser version?

(1 edit)

The browser version is just a demo. Since you already purchased it on Steam If you want to email us at we can send you a key for the version.

Sorry, having a problem with the developer room where I enter the doorway, the loading screen pops up, and it says Failed to Load; img/characters/Monkeys.png - any idea on how to fix it?

Hi! We're looking into this now! Thanks for note about it. Hope to get back to you quickly.

Hey just wanted to get back to you once again, and announce that the problem should be solved with the new 1.4.1 hot-fix update.

Will you update the Steam version?

(1 edit)

Yes. We were hoping to first get the Mac version updated too but it’s proving to be a bit difficult, so we will get on to updating the Steam version ASAP.

(1 edit)

And  Done! The Steam version should now be fully up to date!

How to you use the Mac files properly? I keep running into a problem where the game can not expand after downloading the files.

Also, it only seems to be an issue for the zip file part 3, which I assume has the actual game launcher within it.

Sorry for the delayed reply. If you want to email us at we might be able to send you a single file that could help fix this issue.

So what's new in v1.1.1?


A few bug fixes, dialogue text adjustments so everything within the game should run smoother. 

Also on the page itself we removed previous versions from the download list to try and make the download process as simple as possible.

I have a problem to start the game the file is split in 3 folder and the first one don't give me the acess to the game

what should i do after give bunny meal?

How can I get the chapter1 meal?

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I noticed that the game is downloaded in parts. Do you put part 2 and 3 in the first part's folder?

Edit: I am also getting error messages when extracting the rar part 2 and 3 files using 7-Zip.

Hi there! We have a new downloadable version of the game available as of today 7/20 and if you'd to email us at we'd love to send the game in an alternative way if possible.

Does that same downloadable version work for Mac? I'd already bought the game files and I'm just as confused. -3-

hey in chapter 5 how do you get the dish from the deadlands that Maven wants?

You need three of the other members of the underworld, (non-skeletons) to visit come to the diner  there in the underworld.. After the three are eating, you'll be able to speak more with the head chef and the waitress.

really wish there were something like preloaded save states built in maybe, progression is tedious if you're just wanting to see the new content.

You can always just copy the save files over to the new version.

put in 2 hours just to have it crash soon after leaving the dev room. corrupted my files and didn't save my data :))

Not everyone's cup of tea games... Nice!
Is there an email where we can contact you?

You can reach us at

Thengame was great and all I'm kinda well dumb but the dienro house is only wg right? And also after the whole defeating calahree and talking to all npcs what do I do to advance?

Yes, dienro’s side quest is WG only. There’s no “THE END” screen for the game. There are two “bad endings” you can possibly find in the game one is a choice the other comes from losing a boss battle.

Oh...well...that's kinda disappointing but may I ask. The whole what if pink ears thingy will continue? Or there will be only those two scenarios couse i always kinda expected the middle witch sister to get fat hah

The fame is hella good but is the release deleyed or there might be aproblem with asking i don wanna sound like an ass if i could ask if theres a date for the whole game

We're excited to say that this game is set to release by the end of this month! But, if you're looking for a fix now you can find a very near complete copy of the game on Bobo The Hobo's Patreon  (along with a HUGE collection of all of his other writing and works!)

Is there supposed to be two Becky's in the left-most house of the bottom section of the first town. One talks about more food coming for the girlfriend, while the other worries about her girlfriend not getting enough while working as a guard. It seems like one or the other should be there depending on whether the third woman (presumably the guard woman) is present or not, but a glitch might be making both versions appear at the same time, but that's just my thinking. If I am wrong, I apologize.

If this a demo there would be a way of buying this game? Because honestly its probably one of the weight games out here! an amazing story and its just ahhh!! its amazing

We’re happy to announce that the game should be out within the next two months. 

For now though if you want more of the game, a near complete version is available on Bobo The Hobo’s patreon.

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I saved my game but when I wanted to play again all the games had been deleted

edit: I did the same thing again but in a more secure way, even so when I reopened the game there was nothing, I'm not going to bother doing everything again

We'd like to help you more with this issue but it seems to be on a computer by computer specific basis. If you reach out to us at we will happily try to send you a possible fix for the save issue.

Can you post this as a zip file? I can't get the rar-files to work.

yeah same

We're sorry, please try and contact us at and we will try and get you a copy of the demo.

We're VERY sorry we didn't see this message earlier, please get in touch with us at and we will try and get you a copy of the demo.

How can I get the Hero's axe?

Is this the same game that's found in this vimeo video?

No, sorry. Interesting looking game though.

Thank you

What do I have to do to see the third image where the bunny girl is, I gave her, I'll get you something, and when I bring her something again, she won't let me talk to her, what did I do wrong?

(1 edit)

There is a way to get a full dinner for her rather than the beer or nuts items. In later updates we’re going to reword things so it’s more clear. Try talking with the worker behind the counter and it should be clear what to do next.

you can’t reach the girl behind the counter or talk to her

can you please make this work on chrome