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is the game Happy Binge Day To You going to be on stream?


Given how successful Pendant of Prosperity has done for us, we’re very interested in releasing this title on Steam as well! We’ll be sure to announce it if/when we do along with some much needed tweaks. 

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Good fun :P


Yea no this game looks and sounds beyond disgusting 


Sorry to hear we didn’t win you over with this idea but we hope you’ll still consider some of our other titles. As any Vore predator will tell you: “Different people, different tastes.”


While I respect that "different people have different taste" I just can't see how anyone would be into this. Like I can't code or do anything like that yet let alone make an entire game like this, so I know you have to had put some effort into this, I just can wrap my head around anyone liking this.

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That's fair. It's all good.


man i wish this was free ps i dont have money :(